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cowboys vs redskins score

cowboys vs redskins score
PHILADELPHIA – If you are a dog lover or a Donovan McNabb(notes) hater, Sunday was a very bad day.

And if you are Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, a man who devoted his offseason to eliminating a potential quarterback controversy – only to have one appear in bright Kelly green before the regular-season opener was over – you are wondering if this is going to be a very long year.

On a charged afternoon at Lincoln Financial Field, Reid rolled out a new starting quarterback for the first time since the waning days of the 20th century, and the results couldn’t have been more miserable.

The dawn of the Kevin Kolb(notes) era began poorly and degenerated from there.

Kolb, in his third career start, had a punchless first half in Sunday’s 27-20 defeat to the Green Bay Packers, completing 5 of 10 passes for 24 yards as the Eagles generated a grand total of three first downs. The ever-patient Philly fans turned on Kolb in his 29th minute as a starter: After he misfired on a short pass to Pro Bowl wideout DeSean Jackson(notes), nearly serving up an interception for a touchdown to Packers linebacker Clay Matthews(notes), some of the 69,144 fans at The Linc booed, venting the way they often did at McNabb during his 11 seasons as the face of the franchise.

As Kolb’s backup – for now – Michael Vick(notes) would later note, “This is a tough crowd, man. We had one punt and they just went nuts on [Kolb].”

It was enough to give a guy a serious headache – except Kolb already had one, having been slammed to the turf while being chased by Matthews midway through the second quarter. At halftime it was determined that Kolb had a concussion, and his day was done.

Reid’s day, however, was getting still more painful. First the coach watched Vick, the three-time Pro Bowler and notorious dogfighter, come in and give Philly an appreciable and immediate bounce, nearly leading the Eagles back from a 17-point, second-half deficit and looking suspiciously like his pre-scandal self.

In other words: Hello, quarterback controversy.

To cap things off, McNabb, the 33-year-old quarterback Reid jettisoned on Easter, was victorious in his first stint as the would-be savior in the nation’s capital, summoning a smooth, capable performance in the Washington Redskins’ 13-7 victory over the Dallas Cowboys that put his new team a game ahead of his old one in the NFC East standings.

Oh, and the Eagles also lost a pair of starters (fullback Leonard Weaver(notes) and center Jamaal Jackson(notes)) to apparent season-ending injuries, and Reid is facing heat for having allowed Kolb and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley(notes) – who after hitting his head on teammate Ernie Sims’(notes) thigh slumped to the turf, got up briefly and fell back to the ground like a battered boxer – to return briefly to the game following concussions.

This is not where Reid expected to be after choosing Kolb, a 2007 second-round NFL draft pick who was impressive in two starts last season, over McNabb, who’d led the Eagles to five NFC championship games and a Super Bowl, and ultimately having the audacity to deal the six-time Pro Bowler (for a second-round draft pick in 2010 and a third- or fourth-round selection in 2011) to a division rival.

When Reid phoned Kolb on Easter and told him, “Hey, bud, I just made you the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles,” he was projecting the confidence of a man expecting to go all in and win.

He still may, but as Reid addressed reporters after Sunday’s defeat, he was practically mumbling as he answered a slew of unpleasant questions.

Why were Kolb and Bradley allowed to return to the game after the head injuries?

“They were fine. All of the questions that they answered with the doctors registered well, but as it went on, they weren’t feeling well, so we took them out.”

Why did the offense struggle with Kolb in the game and get more productive when Vick played?

“I’m going to take responsibility for this. There were a few different things going on there. It wasn’t just the quarterback or the offensive line. It was a combination of things. I’ll make sure I go back and fix that … [At halftime] we tried to make a few adjustments and do a couple of different things. We made a few adjustments there, and we were able to move the ball.”

Once Kolb is healthy, will he remain the starting quarterback?


But is it really that simple? Not when Vick, now in his second year with the Eagles after an 18-month stint in a federal prison for his role in a dog-fighting ring, bears a reasonable resemblance to the quarterback who led the Atlanta Falcons to the 2004 NFC championship game – where they lost to McNabb and the Eagles in the same stadium.

On Sunday, Vick threw pinpoint passes (16 for 24, 175 yards, one TD) and showcased the jaw-slacking speed that no man at his position has ever possessed. This was not the step-slower Vick of 2009 but the vintage version: He carried 11 times for 103 yards, his first 100-yard rushing game since November 2006 and the 10th (including playoffs) of his career. He also became the third quarterback in NFL history (along with former Eagles star Randall Cunningham and ex-49ers Hall of Famer Steve Young) to eclipse 4,000 career rushing yards and gave the Eagles, in their Kelly-green throwbacks, a vivid reminder that he was once a star.

As for those halftime adjustments to which Reid referred? “We didn’t really make any changes, man,” said second-year wideout Jeremy Maclin(notes), whose 17-yard touchdown reception cut the Packers’ lead to 10 with 10:23 remaining. “I think in the second half we just tried to make plays.”

Said Packers middle linebacker Nick Barnett(notes): “They put in Michael Vick – that was the adjustment. They ran the same routes and the same offense, but we had to account for him. There were times I was chasing him and tried to take the right angle, but all of a sudden the angle changed.”

In a moment of honesty that was less calculating than it sounds, Vick, who has genuine regard for Kolb’s talents and considers him a friend, told reporters, “I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters maybe we would have had a chance to win the game.”

The Eagles might have, anyway, had they been able to convert a fourth-and-1 from the Green Bay 42-yard line with two minutes remaining. Reid called for Vick, lined up in the shotgun, to get the first down with his feet, a play that surprised absolutely no one, and least of all the Packers.

“He’d been making all the plays, and we knew they were going to put it on him,” Barnett said. “We were like, ‘What’s he going to do – throw the ball on fourth-and-1? I don’t think so.’ So yeah, we were ready.”

Matthews led a charge of Packers defenders who blasted through the Eagles’ line and stuffed Vick for no gain, preventing the fantastic finish the quarterback has been playing out as a daydream in his head who knows how many times over the past three years.

“I thought we were going to come back and win that game,” Vick said.

Now it’s Kolb, at an alarmingly early stage of his development, who’ll have to summon a comeback of sorts to keep the Philly fans from howling their displeasure. Vick, meanwhile, surely made himself some money on Sunday. By demonstrating that he still has the rare skill set that made him the No. 1 overall pick of the 2001 draft, Vick will likely be an attractive option for another NFL franchise when his contract expires after this season – or, perhaps, he’ll have supplanted Kolb as McNabb’s successor by then and will get paid by Philly.

As he stood in the players’ parking lot outside The Linc an hour after Sunday’s game, accepting congratulations from a group that included his 8-year-old son, Michael Jr., Vick looked as calm and comfortable as he had in the shotgun while confronting a second-half deficit to a trendy Super Bowl pick.

“That was just like the old me out there,” he said softly. “It felt good.”

I’m not sure Reid’s emotions were quite as clear-cut.

cowboys vs redskins score

cowboys vs redskins score
Dallas Cowboys VS Washington Redskins Score and Results. In the last play, Dallas Cowboys were trailing by six when Tony Romo scrambled to find a receiver and as he moved around he found Roy Williams open in the end zone. Willams caught the 13 years game winning touchdown and his teammate were in celebration at the end zone without knowing that there was a yellow flag on the floor. It was holding on Alex Baron that made the game over.

The Washington Redskins beat Dallas Cowboys 13-7 in one of the controversial games of the day. It was a day of celebration for the Redskins for finally they gave a statement to the teams in the league that the acquisition of Mike Shanahan as their coach and the trade they made to get Donovan McNabb is not a mistake at all. The game went on to a defensive game as both teams played so hard just to contain the other team.

Washington Redskins led the game at the half 10-0 after Hall DeAngelo Hall returned a fumble for 32 yard touchdown. Cowboys will have to recover from this game and move on. It is a moment for the Washington Redskins to cherish as they try to put themselves as a contender in the NFC East.

cowboys vs redskins score

LANDOVER, Md. – The clock was about to hit midnight and in the back of the Dallas Cowboys locker room, owner Jerry Jones held a white towel and dabbed at the perspiration building on his face.

“I’m very disappointed,” he said.

He dabbed some more.

“But I am surprised.”

He shook his head.

“I’m really surprised,” he said.

Then he glanced away.

A few minutes before, he was standing in a box at FedEx Field watching the seemingly winning pass of the season’s first game settle into the arms of receiver Roy Williams. He pumped his arms. He executed a fist bump and dreamed all the good dreams the owner of a $1.3 billion stadium can have in the year he is certain his team will play the Super Bowl in his home. So, of course, he never saw the yellow flag lying on the field. Never saw the clothesline forearm his right tackle Alex Barron(notes) delivered nullifying the victory.

And in the mayhem of dancing Washington Redskins and a roaring home crowd in Washington’s 13-7 victory, he had to have seen a truth that glared so obvious to the rest of the country: These Cowboys are too careless, too undisciplined and too ineffective offensively to even think about a Super Bowl come February in their palace. That was clear on a night when they couldn’t move the ball against the team that was the worst in their division last season.

The signs have been evident. Dallas did not impress in the preseason, its vaunted offense of acclaimed but not yet accomplished stars generating the fifth-fewest yards per game (273.4) in exhibition games. But they could easily brush it off as the preseason. The games didn’t count. Their quarterback, Tony Romo(notes) – he of just one career playoff win – hardly sounded bothered in a conference call with the Washington media last week.

“Well, it will be a concern if we don’t score any points in the regular season,” he said.

Seven points into 2010, along with 12 penalties and a lost fumble for a touchdown, the Cowboys should be concerned.

Still, one by one they spoke calmly of their plight, shrugging without answers, certain a wretched performance Sunday night was nothing.

Coach Wade Phillips looked ashen and talked about how he immediately saw the flag on Barron’s hold and knew the Cowboys would not be winning Sunday night. He did not offer an emotion to accompany this realization.

Instead, he blamed himself for the play that ruined the Cowboys’ night: an oddly conceived attempt to throw a pass from his own 36-yard line on the last play of the first half of a 3-0 game. He decided to do this after it appeared the Redskins had declined a holding penalty on (whom else?) Barron – a replacement for the injured Marc Colombo(notes). The problem was Washington then accepted the penalty, pushing Dallas back from the 46.

Phillips said he was supposed to call off the pass.

Only he didn’t call off the pass.

Seconds later, running back Tashard Choice(notes) fumbled, Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall(notes) picked up the ball and ran it back for a touchdown that put Washington up 10-0 at halftime.

When the debacle was over, Romo talked about all the corner blitzes the Redskins threw at the Cowboys, blitzes he had never seen before. Shocking blitzes. He said they weren’t prepared to be blitzed like this. For a second, he still seemed startled. Then his face brightened.

“This will be a great learning tool,” he said. “We will have seen their scheme for the next time.”

Except these are the Super Bowl Cowboys – the team that’s supposed to be more talented than any in the NFC. The Cowboys aren’t supposed to be overwhelmed by the blitzes the Redskins brought. Just as they’re not supposed to score just one touchdown, or miss a short field goal or get a huge chunk of their yards at the end of the game in a valiant attempt to come back.

Which is why, as the clock neared midnight and his sparkling offense very much looked like a pumpkin, Jerry Jones clutched his towel and started talking about the Cowboys’ glory years from a previous century, which look very far in the past now.

“I’ve lost an opener right here and played in the Super Bowl,” he said. “It was 35-7. Right here.”

He was close. It was 1993, the score was 35-16 and the setting was RFK Stadium, which is not in Maryland but Washington, D.C., a few miles to the west. But, yes, the Cowboys of Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin did indeed come back to win the Super Bowl.

Somehow, the Cowboys of Romo, Williams and Miles Austin(notes) aren’t quite the same.

“I thought the game was over and that Tony had pulled out a Romo special!” Jones gushed.

He hadn’t.

Jones seemed perplexed.

“I think we need to be better,” he said hopefully. “And I think we have the guys to do it.”

If only it were as easy as wishing it so.

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September 11 Pictures

September 11 Pictures
If you are looking for September 11 pictures or even better, for a guided tour that takes you near the site of the disaster, offers you interviews from witnesses and text and audio that explains the events, you might want to try a new application called 9/11 Photos & Memorial.

The free app comes from the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, that will open soon.

Since its release, on August 26 the app was downloaded by more than 100,000 people and was also able to create some controversy about using an event such as inspiration for an application.

However, most agree that this is a great tool that allows people to find out more about the event that involved the Twin Towers, with data offered by historians.

For owners of the newest iPhone, the Augmented Reality Mode that offers overlaid data using the camera of the device is also a highlight


September 11 Pictures Make Up New 9/11 Photos App

September 11 Pictures Make Up New 9/11 Photos App

September 11 pictures have gone down in infamy. They have been seared into our memory, as September 11 pictures mark when everything changed. 9/11 photos have been downloaded so many times,
it is hard to find anything new anymore. However, there is a new app that features more up close and personal 9/11 photos, to see what happened through the eyes of those who were there. As it turns out, these September 11 pictures were sanctioned by the official 9/11 memorial that is to go up next year.

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum is due to open its doors next year, on the 10'th anniversary of the event. But they are already busy looking back on what happened, and have offered a new tool online to do just that.

A collection of September 11 pictures makes up Explore 9/11, a new app that shows 9/11 photos from those who were there that day. The app offers an interactive timeline of the events of the day, which includes photos taken by those nearby.

In addition, other September 11 pictures make up the "Explore" section, made up of images and stories relating to the World Trade Center, 9/11 and its aftermath. These pre and post 9/11 photos are part of the museum's "Make History" collection, from residents and tourists all over the world.

Finally, September 11 pictures are part of a walking tour around the World Trade Center, starting from the Memorial Preview Site at Lower Manhattan. 9/11 photos and audio are given by rescue workers, first responders, and Lower Manhattan residents.

Memorials and tributes of that day are somber occasions, but apps are generally not considered to have somber content. This is an exception, as the 9/11 Memorial and Museum has been using technology to gather content for a long time. It will culminate when the actual museum opens, but their website and app offer a taste of what they have in store.